Glutolin Speedy

About us

The year is 1912...

The last emperor of China, Pu-Yi, resigned and China becomes a republic; the hull of the unsinkable Titanic gets ruptured by an iceberg
and sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic with over 1,500 people still on board. The today world famous bust of Nofretete is discovered in Egypt
during excavations in Tell-El-Amarna  and near Hoechst, in a  company of the IG Farbenindustrie based in Frankfurt am Main, Dr. Sponsels
discovers the Cellulose ether. Even though it took about 20 years until his discovery lead to the first methylcellulose wallpaper paste, his
discovery and its derived applications are considered to be the basis for nearly all modern wallpaper paste formulas. In 1932 the Kalle GmbH
& Co. KG in Wiesbaden, a subsidiary of Hoechst, took over the fabrication of adhesives and wallpaper pastes sold under the brand “Glutolin”,
which were until then produced by Hoechst. Since 2003 we, the Glutolin Renovierungsprodukte GmbH, have been keeping the tradition alive
by producing the Glutolin products according to the original formulas.In cooperation with our parent company PUFAS Werk KG based in
Hann. Münden we expanded the former range of products by adding a variety of specialized fillers (Glutofill), skin care products (Glutoclean),
etc. For the benefit and joy of craftsmen around the globe, and in memory of Dr. Sponsels we continue the legacy of the Glutolin brand.