Glutolin Speedy

Glutolin M22 instant – 300 g

Versatile adhesive for pasting machines for the secure bonding of all kinds of standard wallpapers. Ideally suited for all kinds of woodchip wallpapers, smooth and structured non-woven wallpapers, embossed (even heavy) wallpapers, vinyl and special wallpapers, laminated glassfibre and textile wallpapers and lining paper on rolls.

  • mixing ratio 1: 20 (as recommended by leading wallpaper manufacturers)

  •  high-quality methyl cellulose with synthetic resin

  • ready for use in 5 mins

  • concentrated adhesion

  • secure bonding of edges

  • pasting-machine-oriented flowing properties

  • optimal paste distribution

  • high moisture resistance

  • also suitable for application by roller or by brush

Article number: 063201074
EAN package: 4044899632016
Package size: 300 g

Package size:

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